Looking for things to try in PID

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Looking for things to tryin PID
Sources of new ideas & knowledge
PID implies openness for multiple sources:
Research organizations: are we, our organizations, linked well
enough to benefit from this resource?
Other development organizations: do we exchange and share
Farmers,those we work with as well as others elsewhere: are
we alert for innovations from farmers?
The heart of PID is combining views, ideas, from different
Central issue is making the choice of what to work on, what to
try, transparent.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.kit.nl
Start with looking at farmer
Recognizingfarmers own efforts in innovation;
development changes the way farmer, extension and
research understand and respect each other;
Creates a positive momentum as it focuses on peoples
capacities and initiatives rather than their problems;
It thus builds a dynamic of self-confidence rather than
dependency on outsiders for bringing useful new ideas;
Innovations developed may fit more easily with local
At least give space to innovative ideas and suggestions in
activities proposedby us.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.kit.nl